The ASISC Competition 2022

The Father George Hess Literary Competitions of ASISC WB and NE States was held between 5 August and 3September 2022. Team GHS participated and won in several events and made us very proud.

5 August
Event: Painting

Arpita Pathak (Class XII B) won the 3rdPrize.

6 August
Event: Senior Quiz

The event was hosted at Garden High School.
Participants: Monoshij Ghosh (Class XII A) and Hrishav Dasgupta (XII C). The GHS team placed 3rd in the competition.

Event: Declamation

Arhan Dasgupta (Class VIIIB) got a special mention from the judges for his eloquent speech and placed 4th in the competition. He received a Certificate of Achievement.

10 August
Event: Debate

Hrishav Dasgupta (XII C) got a special mention from the judges for his outstanding debating skills.

13 August
Event: English Creative Writing

Soumee Bhaumik (Class XI B) placed 1st in the senior category. She was awarded a trophy and a medal.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants from Garden High School.

Well done!