Fest hosted by The Heritage School on 28,29 and 30 July 2022.

Garden High School participated in Youthopia ’22. Team GHS had a contingent of 54 pupils from classes IX to XII.

Raaga(Eastern Music)
The team consisted of Monoswita Sengupta (XD), Adrija Mukherjee (XE), Anushkaa Banerjee (XE), Vibhan Dutta (XIB), Anjistha Das (IXF) and Titas Sengupta (IXA). They performed the ‘Desh Raag’ with extraordinary grace and won the 2nd prize in this event.

Nrityangan (Eastern Dance)
Their theme was ‘Saying no to Wars’ and the dancers performed on A.R.Rehman’s ‘Jai Ho’. The team consisted of Sheersha Banerjee (XIA), Bedaporna Biswas (XIIA), Srijoyi Ghosh (IXA), Sneha De (XIIB), Krityali Sau (XIA), Sudakshina Ghosh (IXF), Monal Choudhury (XA), Sreenita Banerjee (IXA), Rahi Dey (XF) and Ruhani Chakrabarti (XIB). They stood 3rd in the event.

T-Minus 60(Just A Minute) (Talent Show)
Agneesh Ray Chaudhari (XIIA) represented GHS in the event and was placed 3rd. He played the piano with one hand and the mouth organ with his nose, both at the same time.

Ages of Pages (Creative Writing)
Shriya Chaudhari (XA) represented the school in Hindi Creative Writing and won the 1st prize. The topic was, ‘Bandh darwaaze khulte hain jab’.

CODM (Online Gaming)
The team consisted of Monoshij Ghosh (XIIA), Sheehan Paul (XC), Aaranyak Roy (XE), Anoushka Sircar (XB), Samvit Sinha (IXB) and Saikat Dutta (XB). The team stood 2nd in the event.