Annual Inter School fest hosted by Lilavatibai Poddar High School, Mumbai

Zenith was hosted on 29 and 30 October 2021. Garden High School was represented by a contingent of 30 pupils from classes IX to XII. The fest was an amalgamation of talents and a celebration of creativity on the national platform.

Qissa (Vernacular Creative Writing):


In the senior category (classes XI to XII) for Hindi, Bedaporna Biswas (XI A) was declared the first runner up.






You’ve Got Mail:

Chenab Guha (IX B) represented the school in the junior category (classes IX to X) and was declared the second runner up.






Everything is Cake (Cake Decoration):

Soumodeep Sen (XIIA) was placed 3rd in the event. He presented ‘The Goddess of Celebration’ in his decoration (given below is a glimpse of his creative endeavor).









Sounds like a Song (Song Composition):

Anubhav Sarkar (IX D) represented the school in the junior category and won the 2nd position in the event.














The Team: From left to right Ayushee Nag (XI C), Sushovona Roy (XI C) and Raj Jyoti Sikdar (XI C), Manisika Ghosh (IX B) and Ritabrata Mukherjee (IX B).

They were placed 3rd in their event.


The Next Big Idea

The two-member senior team of Abhipsha Dhar (left) and Rajarshi Dutta Gupta (right), both from class XI C won the 3rd position in the event.






Zenith Gazette

The three-member team comprised (left to right): Shriya Chaudhuri (IX A), Diya Barman (IX D), and the editor Dishari Chowdhury (XI C). They secured the 3rd position in the event.





The team comprised actors Sheersha Banerjee (X A), Raj Jyoti Sikdar (XI C), Rajarshi Dutta Gupta (XI C), Abhipsha Dhar (XI C), Ishaan Mukherjee (IX D), script writer Diya Burman (IX D) and editor Monoshij Ghosh (XI C). The team prepared an advertisement clip for TATA Soulfull’s Ragi Bites Fills Range. They were declared the winner.

Clockwise from left Diya Burman (IX D), Sheersha Banerjee (X A), Ishaan Mukherjee (IX D), Monoshij Ghosh (XI C), Rajarshi Dutta Gupta (XI C), Raj Jyoti Sikdar (XI C) and Abhipsha Dhar (XI C).