In The Jungle

In The Jungle

Nandini Jena VI F (2019-20)
Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial

Soumee Bhaumik VIII B (2019-20)


Sneha Dey IX E (2019-20)


Aishi Baksi, VII C (2019-20)


Debaprabha Thakur, VIII B (2019-20)

Fading Memories

Anjanava Biswas, VIII C (2019-20)

Coretta Fox of the Seven Seas

Heeya Bhattacharjee, VII E (2019-20)

A trip to Delhi and Agra

Yazdan Amin, VI F (2019-20)

Waffle Cones

Srija Dasgupta, VIII B (2019 - 20) 

ওলো সই

Upolobdhi Karmakar, IX E (2019-20)


Disha Mukherjee, IX B (2019-20)

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