Medical Facilities

  • 2 trained nurses, 1 in each medical room, are in attendance during school hours.
  • 1 experienced medical practitioner visits the School every day while the School is in session to conduct routine medical check-ups of pupils on a rotational basis.
  • Unless a pupil needs immediate medical attention, his/her Medical Report Card is sent to the guardian at the end of the Academic Year for inspection and signature.
  • The School should be informed in writing of any chronic ailment or physical handicap that a pupil suffers from and of the medicine/s prescribed, together with a photocopy of the prescription, and a certificate from a registered medical practitioner that the pupil is fit to attend regular classes. While all possible care will be taken to look after such a pupil while (s)he is in School, the School cannot take any responsibility whatsoever for any unforeseen development or eventuality.
  • In case a child needs immediate expert or special medical attention for any reason, the responsibility of the school will be limited to admitting the child to a suitable medical center and informing the guardian concerned as soon as possible. The School shall not be liable to pay or reimburse any expenses incurred or to be incurred in this regard, or pay any compensation for any injury or loss suffered.